My Approach

Some of my clients want a hands on approach and like us to work as a team. They have a very definite vision of what they want and we make every decision together. Other clients have a few things concerning their space that are non-negotiable and then want to delegate everything else. I’m happy with either approach or a combination of both. As a boutique interior designer, I have the freedom and ability to make the process of turning your home/space in a way that is both efficient and pleasant for everyone.


Getting To Know You

This is an essential part of the process, and probably my favorite part of the job. Great interior design uses space, natural light, colours, furniture and arrangements so that they reflect who you are and create an environment in which you thrive. This means different things to different people, which is why this phase of the process is essential. I offer a complimentary in-home consultation and make a preliminary offer based on our on-site meeting.




Pricing and What’s Included

You will receive a preliminary offer based on our on-site meeting. The final contract will include a detailed list of all services, as well as a timeline for completion. Throughout our journey together, I will keep you updated with my progress and involve you in the decision making process, every step of the way.


Pre-Sale Face Lifts

The right first impression can make all the difference to selling your property to the right people at your preferred price. Applying a few interior design tricks and tips, I can transform any space and make it beautiful and inviting. I will highlight the best features of your property and present your home only once it's looking its best.
I can offer a range of options depending on the property, needs and budget.





Personal Shopper

Some people enjoy spending hours poring over catalogues, going to flea markets and home furniture and accessory stores. Others find making these types of decisions stressful. With my experience, I can help you make the best choices and save you time and money by actually buying these items instead of you.


Single Room Projects

You may be happy with the interior of your home in general, but you need help with just one room. Perhaps it’s a nursery that you’ve newly added to your home, or its the living room that isn’t quite right, but you can’t put your finger on what’s missing. I can provide the appropriate solution and create the environments that reflects who you are- even if its just in one room.


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Hello and Welcome

My name is Elinor Shagal and I’m an Interior Architect and Designer. My mission is to help you live in the most comfortable home or work in the most productive office, possible. Why? Because you deserve it!

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